Agriculture & Off-Road Machinery Production

Powerful machinery built with the toughest tools


Durable tools guarantee performance and dependability.

Agriculture & off-road equipment assembly plants depend on Cleco for reliable assembly tools and error proofing solutions. Our tightening tools provide the performance and versatility required for manufacturing heavy-duty farming equipment, tractors and combines.


Use tough tools in-shop to build strong off-road equipment.

Whether your company produces earth moving and off-road equipment or heavy machinery, you need durable tools that maintain precision tolerances during every run-down. Rely on Cleco’s high-torque electric nutrunners for increased efficiency and dependability.

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1 million cycles maintenance free.

Our NeoTek line maximizes productivity by reducing downtime.

Cordless Assembly Tools

When mobility and safety are critical, cut the cord.

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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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