Achieve critical tolerances with precision tools

Maintain rigorous quality control standards with precision drilling.

Cleco’s advanced drilling units achieve accurate drilling through metals, composites, and thick material stacks. Both our power-feed drilling machines and hand drills create quality holes, while maintaining surface integrity, limiting burrs, and offering the capability to remove chips and carbon fiber dust from the process.

Configure tools designed to achieve exact assembly specifications.

We configure tools for your specific application needs. Our modular sub-assemblies combine into advanced drilling units optimized for precision one-shot and one-up portable automatic drilling. Count on Cleco drills and tightening tools to provide consistency, reliability and durability for your process.

Join major aerospace manufacturers in Europe and the United States who trust Cleco tools with their critical production processes.

Our tools drill to specific tolerances with minimal variation in hole diameter, meeting the most specific quality requirements. We control feed and speed to achieve accurate tolerances during drilling. Major aerospace manufacturers trust Cleco’s drilling, tightening and material removal tools to consistently produce strong, durable products.

Intelligently designed, easy to use and globally supported, our focus is anticipating and exceeding your needs.

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Advanced Drills

Our advanced drilling units have been specifically designed to be configurable, portable easily fixtured, precise and durable for product demands in the aerospace industry.

Hand Drilling, Countersinking & Spotfacing

Cleco hand drills and accessories enable precision for drilling, countersinking, reaming and backspotfacing applications.

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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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