Lexington, South Carolina—January 25, 2018—Cleco® Production Tools is launching Cleco Software Solutions, a new streamlined production management software suite for Cleco brand fastening tools. Cleco Software Solutions is a scalable software suite that equips managers with critical production data and application management tools. 

It allows the user to make informed decisions and take corrective actions quickly while ensuring quality and avoiding costly errors. 

The three components to the Software System include TorqueNet, Tightening Parameter Server (TPS) and a Dashboard module. TorqueNet is a data acquisition and archiving system that makes local plant floor data visible anywhere. All data is sent to a single server making critical production information accessible by all roles working with the tightening process on the assembly line. 

“One of the benefits of TorqueNet is that the customer has access to an audit trail and is able to see exactly how a product is built and make sure it’s constructed to the correct specifications,” said Jon Harris, Global Product Manager, Cleco Software Solutions. “Another benefit is the access to the parameter change history to see where and what application has been used, along with the maintenance history. Email notifications are sent out when tools are due for maintenance.” 

The Tightening Parameter Server (TPS) is a central application management system that enables customers to effectively and efficiently manage their tightening applications from a central location while providing real-time change management. “This allows the engineers to have full control across a plant or over multiple plants,” said Harris. “It also minimizes the opportunity for costly errors that may arise from manually making changes on the production floor.” 

In traditional application management, the production manager requires application changes be made physically at the controller on the production floor. “With TPS, production managers have the ability to create and validate changes in a test environment prior to releasing into production. Controllers have virtually limitless number of applications stored while ensuring the correct application is being used,” said Harris. 

The Dashboard, an add-on-module interconnecting with TorqueNet, allows to dive deeper into data. The user specific views enable quick navigation, identification of trends and issues, and transformation of data into actionable information. “Customers are able to create custom views and share data with people to make decisions or take action on,” said Harris. “The predefined views show only what is important to the individual user roles.”

“The Cleco Software Solutions provide complete and unified control over content, customiza-tions, users, security and sites,” says Mark Momola, Global Vice President of Marketing, Cleco.  “The visibility and traceability features are key for managers to be able to review who, what, why and when a change was implemented.”

Optional support agreements ensure the functionality and support in all matters relating to the use and operation as well as in case of error. 

Cleco Software Solutions´ benefits at a glance:

  • Data management - Streamline enforcement of access, provisioning, and lifecycle policies. 
  • Production optimization - Convenient monitoring of use and location of all applications enable managers to easily identify what controllers are subscribing to a given application.
  • Error prevention - Change Management capabilities of TPS provides ultimate control over tightening applications being pushed to production. 
  • Quality assurance - Application archiving and rollback capabilities save application revisions so they can easily be reinstated into production. 

For more information on Cleco’s full suite of Software Solutions, please click here