Pneumatic Power Motors

APEX Tool Group offers a series of Cleco mountable power motors that allow you to choose the perfect fit for your application. These air motors are used to power equipment in various types of industries. They can power air-driven machinery, raise foundry copes and drags, rotate turntables, mix paint, power cranes and more.

Each product is flexible and reliable, designed for durable performance in harsh environments and with minimal maintenance. You can choose from many different styles, including:

  • Rotary Vane Air Motors — Cleco’s rotary vane motors feature durable construction and heavy-duty bearings. Different varieties allow the perfect fit for your application, including your choice of foot, face or flange mounting, and an option of the large Cleco MR (1.0 to 7.5 hp) or small to medium sizes ( .3 to 2.3 hp). All models provide long-term performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Axial Piston Motors — Cleco’s axial piston motor is lightweight yet tough. Its enclosed design allows the axial piston to handle extreme temperatures and dusty, corrosive environments. Featuring rugged and precise construction, this power motor can handle heavy starting loads and overhung weight with no external support.
  • Radial Piston Motors — Cleco’s radial piston motor is another model that is built for durability, including jobs that require continuous operation. The counterbalanced crankshaft is supported by anti-friction bearings, and a slinger distributes oil across all moving parts. Like other Cleco power motors, the radial piston needs little maintenance. Lubricators should be equipped on air lines as closely to the motor as possible.

APEX Tool Group is proud to offer products manufactured by Cleco, one of the leading brands in assembly and power tools. For more than 100 years, Cleco has built quality, durable, dependable tools. That century of experience is poured into its modern offerings, ensuring that operators enjoy the best performance, value and comfort.

These power motors and other Cleco products are also designed to withstand high-volume use and the demanding tasks of modern industrial applications. When you need power motors that get the job done day after day, turn to APEX Power Group — your source for Cleco products, as well as tools from other industry leaders.

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