Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Cleco’s lineup of pneumatic assembly nutrunners is among the broadest and most full-featured on the market today. Suitable for a wide range of assembly and repair operations, Cleco nutrunners are available in up to 3,000 different configurations, making it easy to find the right tool for your specific task.

Torque Control Options

Maintaining precise torque levels is critical in any assembly operation. To better suit the needs of a wide range of customers, APEX Tool Group offers Cleco nutrunners with two torque control options:

  • Clecomatic clutch-style control — The Clecomatic system is an innovative clutch control that allows users to select with precision the desired level of torque for a task. Once that level is reached, the tool shuts off instantly.
  • Stall control —More traditional stall control nutrunners rely on fastener resistance to prevent over-torqueing. While not as precise as the Clecomatic system, stall-type torque control nutrunners can still deliver accurate performance when used by trained operators.

Nutrunner Types

  • Angle nutrunners — Cleco’s angled nutrunners cover a wide torque range to provide flexible performance and unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. The 19, 24, 34, 45, 55 and 75 series of products are all available in angle configurations. For assistance choosing the right model for your application, contact a representative directly.
  • Pulse nutrunners — Pulse nutrunners are economical, accurate and built to minimize regular maintenance requirements. Available with either hydraulic or inertial shutoff mechanisms, Cleco pulse nutrunners are equipped with a motor governor, external speed and torque control, oilless blades and other advanced features.
  • Reaction bar nutrunners — Swingbar-equipped nutrunners deliver high torque in a small package, making them suitable for heavy assembly work where space is at a premium. Key features include an infinite-position reaction bar that eliminates the need to reposition a spline at each bracing point.
  • Specialty nutrunners — In addition to standard-configuration nutrunners, Cleco manufactures tools that are designed for specific manufacturing and assembly operations. These include our crowfoot, flush socket, and hold and drive nutrunners. Visit individual product pages for more information, including full technical specifications.

Designed from the ground up to be more versatile, more accurate, more powerful and easier to work with, there’s a Cleco nutrunner available for practically every assembly task.


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