Master Power

Beginning in the fall 2017 all Master Power branded products will be transitioning to the Cleco brand. This transition will occur on a running change basis over a series of months. 


Please note this is simply a brand identification change. Nothing else on the tool is changing. New color. New Brand. Same great tools you buy today. There will be no tool model number change. There will be no change to the current order system. There will be no disruption of service or performance in any way. 


The brand transition enables us to simplify and invest in one meaningful, powerful brand, Cleco Production Tools. Cleco has the most diverse and global product offering across multiple industries we serve and offers a strong flagship to build a global master brand platform. 


This brand transition will have many benefits to our customers by providing simplicity of service and support. Additionally it will reduce redundancies and confusion in the market with having different brands serve the same markets. 


Over the course of the following months, you will begin to see the Cleco brand in the market in a more consistent and powerful way. 

Impacting Drivers

Smooth and efficient impacting mechanism creates no reaction for the operator

Adjustable Clutch Screwdrivers

Efficient and balanced design maximizes accessibility while minimizing operator fatigue

Positive Clutch Screwdrivers

Great for soft draw applications such as wood or aluminum

Versa Clutch Screwdrivers

Ideal "all-purpose" industrial screwdriver

Direct Drive Screwdrivers

Torque is set by adjusting air pressure