LiveWire™ Cordless Electric Nutrunners

LiveWire™ is Cleco’s exclusive cordless tool system, an industry-leading innovation that combines traditional fastening technology with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. LiveWire tools:

  • include advanced features such as digital process controls, onboard electronic intelligence and an integrated barcode scanner
  • provide up to 1700 rundowns on a single battery charge
  • transmit safety critical data securely, thanks to a 2.4/5Ghz encrypted wireless network
  • increase productivity by reducing in-system damage costs
  • are ideal safety critical applications

Manage All Your Electric Tool Systems From a Single Device

LiveWire cordless nutrunners are compatible with the Cleco mPro400GC global controller, making them easy to integrate into a comprehensive electric tool system for safety critical assembly applications. An mPro400GC controller is:

  • capable of managing up to 32 corded, cordless or fixtured fastening tools from a single device
  • designed to provide superior torque accuracy and process control
  • easy to install and implement

Browse the current selection of Cleco cordless tools online or contact an APEX Tool Group representative today for more information. We can match you with the solution that will deliver the best combination of flexibility, connectivity and serviceability in any situation.